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Off late, I am overwhelmed by the number of young Indian authors, who are getting published. Ardent bloggers have either been approached directly by publishers or they have contacted publishers, not with manuscripts in tow, but with a URL in their signature.

The Viral Fever

Blog communities and forums are also coming forward to publish writings by bloggers. Norwest Venture Partners funded Indian community site Sulekha. They plan to release two books a month — one will be a single author book, the other a collection of works by bloggers around a particular theme.

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The influence of blogging on Indian authors has been growing. Even authors, who have been previously published, are entering the blogosphere and their writing style and approach is taking on the colors of blogging. Jaideep Varma , author of Local used blogging as a tool to publicize his work. My own baby-step as an author with a maiden work published in a collection of short stories by bloggers — The Eleven — was possible when author and publisher, Aarti Honrao from Sai Kiran Publications , browsed through my blog.

However, with the latest trend of Indian chic-lit and populist writing, I, as a conventional writer have started having serious doubts about my aspirations to be a published author.

Subbu Chronicles – A Series of Adventures

Populist writing is like a Govinda or a Priyadarshan movie — the masses love it, the classes shrink from it; but at the end of the day slap-stick comedies and garish masala movies are the ones that rake the most moolah. And somehow, this trend is emerging in what people are reading and enjoying. Chic-lit and populist novels are selling like hot-cakes, pointing to the facts that many people are reading, and publishing houses are ready to experiment and cater to changing audience and reading habits.

Amidst all the shifting trends, I am wondering about the whereabouts of the serious aka mature reader and the serious aka literary writer. I am wondering whether books with expletives and references to casual sex get publishers and readers just like quarrels and misgivings on a reality-show garner the maximum TRPs. I am wondering whether good linguistic appeal is not significant anymore and mere ramblings can be converted into coveted best-sellers.

Visit to Daewoo Motors (Argentum) plant, Surajpur, UP: a Chronicle in Pictures

No prizes for guessing — Keshav happens to be one of them. His blog Moral of the story? Not publish and be damned — but blog and get published. Call it hitting the air waves early.

According to movie house Planman, the year-old has just recorded a track for its forthcoming film IM 24 , directed by Saurabh Shukla and featuring music by Jatin Pandit of Jatin-Lalit fame. Well, of course — with a teenager crooning, it could hardly appear to be any older, could it? Laughter can always get jaded. Kashmir lockdown kills youth, by snakebite. Modi faces mail mountain in sedition protest.

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